LA Hip Preservation Surgery Specialist Publishes Game-changing Study on Dysplasia and Pincer FAI


Click this link to read the ground-breaking clinical research published by the MASH Hip Arthroscopy Study Group, of which Dr. Dean Matsuda of Los Angeles in the senior member and principle investigator. Although it has been recognized that hip arthroscopy in properly selected patients can yield successful, safe, and satisifying outcomes, there has been controversy amongst surgeons as to whether patients with a shallow acetabulum (borderline dysplasia) or, converely, a very deep socket (global pincer femoroacetabular impingement) can fare as well.

This landmark study publsihed in a prestigious top sports medicine journal demonstrates that patients with painful borderline dysplasia and global pincer impingement can have similarly successful outcomes as patients without these acetabular (socket) deformities. Experienced hip surgeons performed the surgeries in this study, so it is unknown if these successful and safe outcomes can be generalized to less experienced hip surgeons.

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